The Winners of The Dutch Creativity Awards 2022

The Winners of The Dutch Creativity Awards 2022

It is with great pleasure that we announce the 2022 Winners of the Dutch Creativity Awards!

On October 13 at Het HEM, 50 Bronze, 29 Silver and 9 Golden awards were handed out over the course of a lively Dutch Creativity Awards Ceremony. From the 700+ creative projects that were entered, 90 deserving winners were chosen, including the President's Award for Unity, the Members Award (voted for by ADCN Members) and the Grand Prix (the highest accolade, awarded to a project with the most holistic impact across the industry and beyond).

See the full list of Winners HERE.

And explore the entries of each of the Finalist and Winning projects in the Awards Gallery.

The Winners of The Dutch Creativity Awards 2022

'My Name is Peter' is awarded the Grand Prix!

The big winner of the night was The Family Amsterdam, awarded the Grand Prix for their awareness campaign 'My Name is Peter', a project that beautifully encapsulated the theme of this year's Awards – Unite to Ignite.

Made with Tim Arnold for Women Inc. and BrandedU, 'My Name is Peter' was a social media and PR campaign that asked women to change their names on LinkedIn to Peter, in order to increase their chances of becoming a CEO. It was an awareness campaign that highlighted the stark reality of gender inequality in top positions, making smart use of influential women to get major attention with no media budget.

Amongst glowing Jury reports in multiple categories, the Media & PR Jury had to say this:

"One simple name change got the public talking and brought attention to the disparity between men and women, raising awareness about the lack of diversity in Dutch companies. It sparked a conversation that went beyond the ‘advertising bubble’, drove real impact and shifted public opinion.

Explore 'My Name is Peter' here.

The Winners of The Dutch Creativity Awards 2022

The President's Award for Unity goes to 'LIFE chats with Ezri en Jhelisa'

The inagural President's Award goes to the podcast of two young creatives, women of color and social psychologists, Ezri Williams and Jhelisa Panfred.

LIFE Chats explores important topics that are not often discussed, such as different love languages and code switching. It arose from the realisation by Ezri and Jhelisa that there was "little material from the relatable perspectives of women of color with an open, psychological and creative background."

The President's Award was given out by Edson Sabajo, co-founder of Patta and Guest President of ADCN, who with the theme 'Unity' has impacted all of ADCN's activities. Alongside a prestigious golden Lamp, Ezri and Jhelisa will receive a token of 1.000 Eur to continue growing the project.

Explore 'LIFE Chats with Ezri and Jhelisa' here.

The Winners of The Dutch Creativity Awards 2022

'The Bookcase for Tolerance' wins the Members Award.

Finally, the Members Award went to 'The Bookcase for Tolerance' by Media.Monks, that was voted for the most by ADCN Members. Made with Innocean for the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam, the project is an AR app that takes visitors on an empathetic journey to learn the struggles of those facing intolerance.

By using video and object based storytelling, the app acts as a portal for users to step inside the true-to-life rooms of Anne Frank and four youngsters suffering modern day persecution.

Explore 'The Bookcase for Tolerance' here.

A diversity of creative impact across the industry.

Beyond the three big winners of the night, this year has seen an overwhelming number of creative projects focused on igniting impact in the world from every corner of the industry.

From hopeful and poetic newspapers like De Blauwe Maandag, to beautiful crafted stories such as Future is Forward for VanMoof, initiatives like Clothes for Progress, art installations such as LOBI from Brain Elstak, and social ecosystem changing projects like the The Nieuwe Spelalfabet. These are a few of many.

A huge thank you to all the entrants, Finalists and Jury Members involved for your dedication and commitment towards celebrating impactful creativity in the Netherlands! From everyone at ADCN, we would like to say one last huge congratulations to everyone.

Special thanks to our partners: Adformatie, Global, Media.Monks, Glasnost, Addikt, La Bolleur, MassiveMusic, FROLIC Studio, Heineken® Silver, Rising Moon Cocktails, Craft Drinks, and Lokaliteit