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ADCN, the Club for Creativity in the Netherlands, is looking for an experienced executive producer, leading the club’s operations:

  1. Produce various club events and projects
  2. Manage day-to-day team planning and productivity
  3. Manage general club affairs and operations including HR, finance, legal, space, Board

The goal of the role is to make ADCN’s operations and organization very efficient, structured and impactful - involving all stakeholders.

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Please send your CV (including your motivation in English) or questions to Dinesh Sonak:


ADCN is the club for creativity in advertising and design in the Netherlands. The club's mission is to educate creative talent and professionals and to stimulate creativity with positive impact on business, culture & society.

The club's belief is that creativity is the most powerful force in shaping our future, driving meaningful change, empowering our communities, enriching everyday lives, and boosting our economy.

ADCN was founded as the Art Directors Club Netherlands in 1966, and has now become a multidisciplinary community with 1000+ creative members and 250+ partner companies, including agencies, studios, brands, media, NGOs.

With a focus on creativity in the the worlds of brands, communications and media (commercial creativity), the club connects with all kinds of academies, platforms and disciplines across the creative industries to co-learn and co-create.

ADCN, a non-profit association, organizes 100+ creative talks, workshops, masterclasses, labs, challenges, courses and exhibitions throughout the year, next to the annual Dutch Creativity Awards (the Lamps) and the Dutch Creativity Festival.

The club's creative space, Club ADCN, is based at Westergas, a lively green park and historic cultural village in the heart of Amsterdam.

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