RAW for the Oceans

RAW for the Oceans


Strategy: G-Star Raw always wants to push the boundaries of the denim category. This year we turned our manufacturing process upside down. Together with Bionic Yarn and Pharrell Williams we create denim for the future.

Idea: To take plastic out of the oceans, recycle it and created a new generation of denim. And create an identity and campaign to become part of the collection.

Results:PR value generated since launch at New York Fashion week: 7 million euros.

Twitter outreach: 3,2 M.

With Otto, RAW for the Oceans took the world by storm. Free publicity around the launch exceeded all expectations:

- Earned Media Print Placements € 1,629,328 (252 placements)
- Earned Media Online Coverage € 5,696,682 (1,055 placements)
- Earned Media Television broadcasts € 336,611 (9 placements)
- TOTAL EARNED MEDIA € 7,662,621 (1,316 placements)

Together with Part of a Bigger Plan we developed Otto, an iconic octopus who turned plastic waste into sustainable denim. Otto is at the heart of the RAW for the Oceans design, integrated into the fabric of every single piece. As the true icon of the collection, Otto was launched during the Bread and Butter tradeshow in Berlin and New York Fashion Week in 2014. Afterwards Otto was brought to life in an animated film, print, out-of-home, online display advertising, website and point-of-sales materials.

Since its very beginning in 1989, G-Star RAW is driven by innovation, relentlessly striving to develop denim for the future. Together with Bionic Yarn, Parley for the Oceans and Pharrell Williams, G-Star RAW developed its ground-breaking RAW for the Oceans collection. The first denim collection made out of plastic waste from the ocean. Only G-Star RAW would turn its entire manufacturing process upside down to upcycle plastic waste into high-end pieces that look and feel the same as regular denim. With RAW for the Oceans, G-Star RAW took the first step in integrating reclaimed ocean plastic into continuing product lines.

However, to truly make a difference, RAW for the Oceans needed to be a collection desired by people all over the world. As the marketing budget wasn’t big, the collection more or less had to sell itself. FHV BBDO and Part of a Bigger Plan were asked to develop an iconic idea infusing RAW for the Oceans with a strong identity of its own, engaging denim lovers across the globe.

RAW for the OceansRAW for the OceansRAW for the OceansRAW for the OceansRAW for the OceansRAW for the OceansRAW for the OceansRAW for the OceansRAW for the OceansRAW for the Oceans