Moves - Help us say goodbye to MS

Moves - Help us say goodbye to MS

MS has an unpredictable and unbelievable impact on real people’s lives. So we wanted to create a similar – uncensored – effect on the audience. By visualizing real patient stories in an extraordinary way. To make you feel their first realization that something in their body was terribly wrong.

MS patients have to say goodbye to their bodily functions.

To amplify people’s painful realisation that they were losing control of their bodily functions, we decided to add a little twist to a sweet traditional Dutch nursery rhyme that teaches toddlers to say goodbye by waving their hand. In this case: “Say goodbye to your hands, eyes, legs and so on. Say Bye, bye, bye.“

Help us say goodbye to MS.


The advert was released in cinemas and currently airs on national television. It was discussed on a Dutch TV talk show and on the radio, including its impact and the confrontational way in which patients are portrayed.

The budget was small, meaning this film was realized by a lot of love for a good cause by a whole lot of people.

Let’s dare to show people what really happens to people with multiple sclerosis (MS). It is a horrible (and sometimes fatal) disease that turns lives into complete nightmares, often at a relatively young age.