The results were a bit overwhelming. One of the readers even wanted to marry the site. The number of shares increased with a whopping 955%(!) Compared to previous issues, the iFly 50 broke all records, with a 132% reader increase, and a 120% increase in engagement time (7:04 minutes).

Total views: 14.700.000
Unique visitors: 634.709
Engagement: 7:04 minutes (average reading time across all devices)

Our business targets: perform better than we do in regular editions.
Reach: +132%
Engagement: +120%
Social engagement: +955%

And before we knew it, we received all kinds of beautiful decorations, from FWA’s, AWWWARDS and Lovies up until something very special, and our agency’s first: a Red Dot 'Best of the Best' Award.

The idea was simple. We bundled 50 of the most breath-taking places on earth that we believed were worth traveling for. And we wanted it to be immersive. In the early stages of the concept, we referred to our project as ‘the symphony’. Wanting to create a harmonic experience without any distractions. Photography, copy, music, animations, design and all the extra features users could unlock, needed to work together flawlessly. Clean as a whistle. Providing multiple smiles. Extending current bucket lists.

From the very start of the project we told ourselves, our client included, that we had to keep it simple. Focus on the strong points that would set the experience aside, our distinctive assets. Clean design, silk-like countdown animations that would encourage users to keep scrolling, strong focus on high-quality photography and video, all textual contributions needed to be supportive (not leading), present interactive surprises (audio tours, 360 video, extra photography and articles) and strive towards immersiveness by allowing ourselves to add custom-made music that nailed the feeling we wanted for the experience.

iFly KLM’s strategy is of simple origin: we give people reasons to travel (with KLM). Eight times per year we spoil and surprise KLM customers with enjoyable travel stories. That way, we keep KLM top-of-mind, function as inspirators and possible starting-point for booking tickets with KLM.

The added strategy for our 50th edition was simple: we wanted to make waves. Create something that would be highly notable for loyal and occasional readers (within the KLM customer database), which simultaneously could serve as an appealing crowbar to get people to read the magazine for the first time (within the KLM customer database, but also beyond our known customers).

The 50th edition of iFly KLM Magazine was a perfect excuse to raise the bar, again. We believed an anniversary edition could serve as a wonderful present to our readers. The inspiration we bring periodically balances sales-driven communications. One of the great challenges of every long-lasting format is the desire and ability to constantly improve the format. In order to keep our customers inspired and activated, we occasionally need to throw them off their feet. With new sections, formats, designs, interactions and stories. For our 50th edition we accepted our own challenge to create something totally new.