Evert_45 by N=5 and KPN wins ADCN Grand Prix 2018

Amsterdam, 17 April 2018

Last night ADCN presented the 51th edition of the ADCN Awards for Creativity and Craft in Advertising and Design at National Opera & Ballet in Amsterdam. During the Awards Show – hosted by Giovanca and with special performances by Diggy Dex, Massive Late Night Show Band, Junior Company (National Ballet) & ISH and Wende – 61 Lamps were awarded across Advertising, Design, Craft and Next categories.

This year there were nearly 1000 entrees and the juries awarded 1 Grand Prix, 3 Gold, 18 Silver and 39 Bronze Lamps. Evert_45 by N=5 and KPN won the Grand Prix, two gold, one silver and three bronze Lamps. Gold was awarded in the categories Digital & Social & Mobile and Integrated Advertising.

The only other gold Lamp was awarded in Music Craft for the project ‘The A-Z of Music’ for I-D by VICE and director Sam de Jong (Halal).


Go to ADCN Awards Archive to read about the brief, the idea and impact of Evert_45.

Grand Prix Winner Evert_45
The goal was to demonstrate that KPN has a mission to connect people. N=5 succeeded by creating an immersive online campaign that connected two generations, a generation that experienced WWII and the generation of today with another mission on top – making sure the stories of people who survived the war will not be forgotten so a war like WWII will never happen again. The campaign consisted of an ongoing series on Instagram, YouTube and on the website evert45.com where a young boy takes the viewer along on his journey to find his brother in hiding after escaping a German labor camp. The story of Evert_45 makes a powerful connection with young people and N=5 interwove their visual language and day-to-day interests (pranks, foodie shots etc.) with the historical narrative. This led to Dutch youngsters voluntarily watching over 1.3 million minutes of history lessons within three weeks. The Evert_45 initiative also had a positive impact on KPN’s brand image. On the most relevant association statements, the scores among those who recognize the campaign are significantly higher than the annual average.

Jury Report
The jury reports for Evert_45 read: ‘‘The ADCN Grand Prix was awarded to Evert_45, the project by N=5 for KPN that won six Lamps across six different categories, including Gold in Digital & Social & Mobile Advertising and Integrated Advertising. The Grand Prix is the most creative and groundbreaking work of the year. Telecom brand KPN reimagined stories from the Second World War for the digital age, connecting generations in a campaign for Dutch Remembrance and Liberation day. KPN imagined the story of a boy called Evert, and put it onto YouTube vlogs and Instagram posts to make his story seem real for the younger generation. His experience includes an account of his journey to find his brother in hiding after escaping a German labor camp, viewable on the campaign website. KPN conceived the campaign in partnership with the National Committee for 4 and 5 May (Remembrance Day and Liberation Day) as well as and the Dutch Resistance Museum.’

ADCN congratulates all nominees and winners with their awards. Download the ADCN AWARDS WINNERS 2018 with jury comments or visit ADCN’s brand new Digital Archive to enjoy and explore all winning work, learn from the best creative projects and the people behind it. Now live: winning work of 2018 and nominated & winning work of 2017. Coming soon: work dating back all the way to 1968!

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