Lamps & SPINS unite to form the Dutch Creativity Awards

Lamps & SPINS unite to form the Dutch Creativity Awards

Lamps & SPINS unite to form the Dutch Creativity Awards

We’re extremely excited to announce that ADCN, the Club for Creativity, and Sijthoff Media are bringing the Lamps and SPIN Awards together to form the Dutch Creativity Awards Platform.

Our goal is to jointly create a blockbuster platform for the development of Dutch creativity, with the most important prizes and the most inspiring content. The platform will provide inspiration and education for the creative and digital industry and the world of marketing, communication and media not only during the time of the awards but throughout the year. Thanks to the multidisciplinary scope of the Lamps in advertising, design, craft and impact, combined with the depth of the SPIN Awards in digital and innovation, we believe we’ll be able to reach all corners of the industry.

For the industry, the combination of two major awards has a number of advantages. Not only will entrants now have to submit their entries to just one system, saving both time and money, we will be able to return more knowledge and inspiration to the industry to help improve the quality of creative work and digital innovations. Alongside this, we plan to give much more attention to our Talent Program.

This makes the Dutch Creativity Awards as a whole more inclusive. There is room for all sorts of great ideas and innovation in the broadest sense and for creativity and craftsmanship in specific disciplines – with work from all over the Netherlands. Through working together, we plan to grow even further and to focus more on the digital and tech sector.

‘This is a good step for the industry. Ultimately, it's not about awards, but about the creative quality and impact of the work. The Lamps and SPIN Awards share a love for creativity and innovative ideas. These are necessary to solve all challenges in business and society. At the same time, much more must be invested in professional development in our industry. With the Dutch Creativity Awards we want to contribute to more creativity and learning throughout the year. Together we can contribute even more to ADCN's mission: Creative Growth.’– Mervyn ten Dam (DentsuAchtung!) and Liza Enebeis (Studio Dumbar), President and Co-President of ADCN.

‘With the SPIN Awards we want to advance digital thinking in the Netherlands and together we can realise that mission even better. There are 25 different awards in the market and the collaboration is a good step towards the necessary consolidation. Both organisations can focus on their own strengths. We are convinced that together we can make the Dutch Creativity Awards even better and bigger. By celebrating the best ideas, sharing lessons and inspiration, as well as recognising young talent.’ – Willem Sijthoff, founder of Sijthoff Media.

Upcoming important dates to note:

Alongside Sijthoff Media, we are working on an annual program with content and events for both talent and professionals. If you have any questions or would like to know any further information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Awards Director, Soraya Odendaal via

Lamps & SPINS unite to form the Dutch Creativity AwardsLamps & SPINS unite to form the Dutch Creativity Awards