Diversity & Inclusion

At ADCN, we are committed to being an organisation that is focused on respect, equality, inclusion, and empowerment. As an inclusive organisation, we do not discriminate with regard to race, ethnicity, gender or gender identity, sexual orientation, age, religion, and disability, among other characteristics.

We will work to increase accountability across our programmes, organisation and governance. This is a journey and we still have a lot to learn. We acknowledge where we are now, where we need to go, and what we need to do to get there. We will listen to our community and welcome your comments. If you want to get involved or have any feedback, please get in touch.


● being an anti-racist, anti-discriminatory and inclusive organisation

- We are wholeheartedly committed as an organisation to being diverse and inclusive – we will always act where concerns about racism or discrimination are raised within our organisation or our community.

● building, promoting and cultivating a diverse community

- We strive to build a community that has a fair representation with regard to race, ethnicity, gender or gender identity, sexual orientation, age, religion, and disability.
- When selecting content to feature and people to interview through our channels, we commit to profiling a diverse group of teams and individuals that reflect, respect and relate to our values.
- When selecting our Speakers, Juries, Mentors, Committees, and Board Members, we commit to including a fair representation of all.

● using our influence within the Dutch creative industry and beyond to ensure diversity and inclusion

- We will use our position, our content and our platforms to educate our audience on anti-racism, the importance of diversity and inclusion, and drive positive change – in our organisation, in the creative industry and in society.

● continuing to support, promote and help foster programmes and organisations dedicated to diversity and inclusion

- This includes the Dutch Marketing Diversity Fund and plusplusone programme, offering support and using our channels and network to help these programmes achieve change and success.

● strive for equality as an employer

- We do not discriminate during the hiring process and welcome all applicants that are passionate, open-minded people of all gender identities, sexual orientations, ethnicities, physical abilities, and experience.
- We are committed to creating an inclusive, safe environment where all of our employees have the freedom to voice their ideas and be heard, alongside realising their full potential.

● only working with Partners & Sponsors who share our commitments and values

- With regard to business relationships, sponsors and partnerships - we commit to only working with organisations that strive for diversity and inclusion, that adhere to our values and who are actively making the same commitments as us.

● making all ADCN events accessible to people from all backgrounds, education levels, and disabilities

- For those unable to attend our events for financial reasons, we aim to make our events possible to attend. Please get in touch if you would like to attend one of our events but are unable to do so because of financial constraints.
- We commit to making all events accessible for those who are disabled.

● asking ourselves the question over and over again - are we being diverse/inclusive enough? What more can we do?

- By constantly continuing the conversation, we strive to always be better and to make noticeable steps year on year.
- We commit to assessing ourselves throughout our learning journey, towards deeply understanding what it means to become an equitable organisation. We know that this will take time, and that is why these commitments are designed for the long-term.

● doing a half year internal meeting about the above topics and to publish an end of year report

- Each year, starting in 2021, we commit to giving an overview of how we were able or not able to represent our diverse community and stick to our commitments by making our statistics and data open.
- We will review our progress during the summer. If we are meeting our goals, we strive to go even further and if we are not meeting our goals, we will do everything in our power to change this.