ADCN Awards 2017: Jury’s feedback and insights for next year’s ADCN Awards

Amsterdam, 4 June 2017

ADCN Awards 2017: Jury’s feedback and insights for next year!

Following four ADCN gold and silvers winners sharing their secrets to success, eight jury members of advertising, design, craft and next category shared their feedback too on May 17th at the NewWerktheater. Here is a recap of the insights and recommendations of the 2017 jury.

Advertising Media/Branded Content & Entertainment – Cees Dingler

It takes a different attitude to create content, and it should take a different time than campaigns. Content is a broad idea that should last for even three years, broad enough to create spontaneity and entertaining stuff in itself.”

1. Content should have a long term strategy with more details and layers aiming at different target groups in the same content
2. Find contrast between a commercial and the content, they should complement each other but come from a different approach
3. Do not direct spontaneous stories, let things happen and let people be part of your own excitement

Advertising PR – Jacqueline Bosselaar 

A lot of marketers are judging creative concepts based on the questions is this newsworthy? Are people going to share these stories? That is the essence of PR. Involve PR expertise from the very start of the creative stage of any campaign!

1. Technology is hot, and innovation is news. Build around these elements!
2. To have people talk about you, be relevant to gain organic growth and range
3. Keep it simple, stupid: find opportunities in the simplest circumstances
4. Show courage and bravery as a brand, you’ll be appreciated by the public for raising awareness over topics

Advertising Promo & Activation – Barney Hobson 

Strong acts come in all shapes and sizes. Ideas have to be radical and relevant to have the effect to impact culture; the way people act, experience and buy into the brand purpose, even 100 years later.

1. Create work never done before, that is brave, and that is different from the category it’s in
2. Insight led work, shows true understanding of the brand and consumer
3. Activation is the way to build awareness and change behavior and ideas in culture

Design Brand & Experience – Petra  Janssen 

“In the future, work will not be about design, but the work you make together. Briefings must be made by clients in cooperation with designers, because often you see an adaptation of a style that is not one’s own.”

1. Go for transparent storytelling that is authentic, allowing others to have courage to make decisions
2. Make choices when possible, and choose for social relevance or sustainability
3. Less is more!

Design Product & Packaging – Joost Alferink

We need impact. It’s not about packaging, it’s about the audience understanding and seeing why something is gold

1. What is the social relevance and impact of your work?
2. More agencies and companies need to apply next year
3. Be open-minded and experiment with your work

Craft Animation and Motion Design & Visual Effects – Paul Postma 

Sometimes craft helps idea stand out, but in other cases, the craft should be modest and not stand in front of the idea. Show the work and effort you put in to create a great product

1. Trust the artists!
2. This year’s submissions can compete on international level
3. You shouldn’t start to create work with the attitude “we need to win an award”, but do it for the craft!

Craft Art Direction & Copywriting – Ewoudt Boonstra

In ‘Het Gewoontedier’ (Creature of habit), the way they crafted the copy was a short story without a word too much. What was really crafted, was that the words left were all smart puns, which in the context of the story were functional and well written.

1. Don’t create for the sake of advertising, but find your unique selling point and share it
2. This year in copywriting the judges saw a lot of commercial puns that didn’t really do much for the campaign.

Craft Music & Sound Design – Kees Kroot

The future of music is 3d sound. Meet my friend Binaural, a 3d microphone. Invented in the 60s, it’s available for creatives to use now since people wear headphones all the time. It is virtual reality in sound. It’s amazing!

1. Involving a composer early in the process gives you very good results
2. It would be great if next year there would be an extra category implemented: ‘Use of Music’

Team ADCN is now busy implementing all the valuable learnings from this evening, as well as all other feedback from jury members, entrants and other involved parties to improve next year’s ADCN Awards. Would you like to give your feedback on the ADCN awards (from the entry and judging process to the awards ceremony) don’t hesitate to contact us at 

Once again we would like to thank NewWerktheater for accommodating us for the evening!