Ford Motorcraft

Ford Motorcraft

The bond between parent and children is unconditional. Even if your offspring happens to turn rebel: they will always be welcome home.

The Focus starring in our campaign has been around, as they say. He’s led a rough life, but eventually decides to return to the Ford dealership. The older mechanic immediately identifies its rebellious past, but nevertheless beckons it to come in.

So to older Fords we say: no matter where you’ve been or what you’ve been up to: you’re always welcome home.

This raw, emotional film is very different from the usual Ford campaigns. From most car campaigns, actually. It delivered 58% more appointments and 14% more new customers. 13 countries adapted our campaign.


Intuitively, there’s no better place to bring your old Ford than the official dealership. The mechanics know your car inside out and have the best tools to take care of it. That’s where your Ford belongs. So our campaign is not about maintenance, but about coming home.

More than 500.000 people in the Netherlands drive a Ford over 5 years old. And like most owners of older cars, they don’t go to the brand dealership for repairs and maintenance (after sales). Instead they turn to fast fitters or local repair shops. Most of our target audience never had a relationship with Ford, as they were not the first owner. Drivers of older Fords regard the Ford dealership as a place where only new Fords are welcome. And as an expensive place for maintenance.

The after sales market is completely price-driven and all campaigns are about special offers and budget prices. The major car brands have more or less given up communicating, as they can’t compete on price.

In a market where price is the biggest driver, our campaign needs to bring back older Ford owners to the more expensive brand dealership.

Jury Feedback


This is a smart, beautifully told story for Ford dealerships that also does a wonderful job elevating the brand. We loved the execution, the pitch perfect music, and the bravery of the client to show their product in such a down and dirty way.