Brasserie 2050

Brasserie 2050

Brasserie 2050 is the restaurant for the future. To feed 10 billion people in 2050, we must drastically change our menu. In Brasserie 2050, designed for Rabobank at Lowlands, visitors could try out sustainable, healthy and tasteful futureproof food.

The central theme was minimal impact on people, animals and the environment. In addition, all dishes were given an accurate C02 measurement and every dish told the story of a smart technologist, driven farmer of visionary entrepreneur. The menu included a a hybrid steak tartare and a local version of the salad Niçoise, with vegetables from Boer Bouma, whose field is literally adjacent to the festival site. The temporary pavilion of 250m2 could cater 100 visitors at the same time. It can be dismantled and moved to new locations. The main construction consists of standard pallet racks, the tables are made from recycled plastic. A stack of vertical farming cabinets filled with herbs forms the façade of the pavilion. Above the tables onions, garlic, corn and wheat are stored, mesh box pallets filled with bags of grain make sure the pavilion is not blown away by the wind. In this way, everything is reusable and nothing will be thrown away.

Caterer The Food Line up came up with the food concept for Brasserie 2050. The pop-up restaurant was all about the global food issue: how are we going to feed almost 10 billion people in 2050? With Brasserie 2050 we inspired the Lowlands visitor with future proof dishes made from 50 ingredients of today and the future. The pavilion housing the brasserie was conceived by spatial designers Overtreders W as the barn of the future. A barn is a timeless icon for farming, and has proven itself over the centuries as a neutral but recognizable envelope in which evolving farming activities can take place. The entire pavilion for the pop-up restaurant was made from borrowed, hired and dismountable standard building materials that will keep their value after the barn is no longer in use. All materials used were bright white, giving the building a fresh and futuristic look, that was emphasized by the pink light shining from the vertical farming cabinets filled with herbs that form the facades.

Rabobank is an international cooperative Dutch Bank and market leader in The Netherlands. In 2017 Rabobank launched it’s new worldwide mission: Growing a better World Together. Rabobank’s vision is that together with our clients and partners we can contribute to sustainable growth which leads to a better world. As the global leading Food &Agriculture bank Rabobank is convinced that food is a crucial ingredient for a better world. As proof for their mission they wanted to create a pop-up restaurant based on their agricultural roots. Assignment: Build a ground breaking, CO2 reducing consumer experience. Create optimal awareness, understanding and consciousness about worldwide future food consumption. Package this in a sustainable, breathtaking and futuristic building where Rabobank can present CO2 reducing food solutions. The restaurant was presented for the first time at Lowlands 2018, whose 60.000 mainly higher educated curious visitors are an interesting target group for the Rabobank.

Brasserie 2050Brasserie 2050Brasserie 2050Brasserie 2050Brasserie 2050



A lovely initiative that integrates the concept and the form in a very holistic and sustainable and environmentally friendly way.