Amsterdam, 23 may 2018


Portfolio Night, taking place May 23 2018 at Club ADCN, is a phenomenal evening for young advertising creatives to meet renowned creative directors and get the advice they need to become better creatives. At the end of the night, every attendee will leave with a head full of new ideas, a pocket full of business cards, and a sense of his or her next steps (whether that means a complete portfolio revamp or a job interview the following week).


What types of people should attend Portfolio Night?
Portfolio Night is ideal for people who have a keen desire to work inside the creative department of an advertising or digital agency on a daily basis. Traditionally this refers to copywriters and art directors, but over the years this has grown to include interactive art directors, creative technologists and graphic designers with a very strong focus on advertising.

What level of experience should I have before attending Portfolio Night?
There’s no hard and fast rule for the level of experience a Portfolio Night attendee should have, but here’s a rough guide: if you’re still in school and have a long way to go before you graduate and are ready to work a full time job, you might be better of waiting until next year’s Portfolio Night, or perhaps volunteering in your city. Conversely, if you have so much experience that you wouldn’t be considered a “junior” at an agency, Portfolio Night won’t have what you’re looking for.

Who is Portfolio Night NOT geared toward?
While the world of creativity is vast, and there is some overlap into the advertising community, if you fall beyond the areas of expertise mentioned above, Portfolio Night won’t be right for you. This includes people such as photographers, industrial or fashion designers, illustrators, architects, fine artists and filmmakers/directors. Portfolio Night is also not for account planners, directors or strategists. While your skill sets are invaluable to an agency, this evening is squarely focused on creative fields.

Can I attend Portfolio Night just as a guest, not to have my portfolio reviewed?
Sorry, Portfolio Night tickets are only for creatives who are having their portfolios reviewed.

Check out Portfolio Night’s FAQ to see if this night is something for you



What does my ticket get me?
Your ticket grants you access to the event, which includes sit-down meetings with at least three creative directors. There is food and drink, and some cities might also provide entertainment.

My partner and I are a team. Do we need to purchase one ticket or two?
You must both purchase tickets for Portfolio Night, even if you are attending as a team.
Important note: the title of Portfolio Night All-Star is awarded to the individual who is deemed to have the best portfolio at your city’s event. If you attend Portfolio Night with a partner and your portfolio is selected, you must decide which one of you will travel to New York to participate in the All-Stars event.

If you are a creative director who is interested in attending Portfolio Night to review portfolios, please click here.


For one really lucky and really talented creative, the one with the very best portfolio (as decided by the attending creative directors), Portfolio Night could be the night that changes his or her life. For the best portfolio is named a Portfolio Night All-Star and will be flown to New York City, to join other All-Stars from all over the world to collaborate on a real-world global brand brief. For five days, these All-Stars will overcome language and cultural barriers to create phenomenal campaigns, as well as forge bonds with each other and with the One Club community that will last for years to come. Click here to find out more.


What should I put in my book?
Your book should only include your absolute best work, work that best represents your capabilities and thinking. Print ads, out of home, interactive, guerrilla, whatever. But remember: quality trumps quantity, and weaker pieces bring the whole portfolio down. It’s better to have a book with only six mindblowingly awesome pieces than it is to have a book with six awesome pieces and seven or eight mediocre ones.

Should I include other examples of my creativity in my book, such as photography or illustration?
Some creative directors welcome this, while others are against this. Unfortunately you won’t know which camp the creative directors you meet will fall under until it is too late. Our advice: lead with your advertising work and only show the rest if the creative director expresses interest in seeing it.

Does my book need to be an actual book?
When Portfolio Night began in 2003, it was standard to present your work in a beautifully bound physical portfolio. Fast-forward to 2018 and you are far more likely to see work showcased on a tablet or laptop, especially when showing video or digital projects.


ADCN has played host to Portfolio Night four times before, in 2008, 2009 and 2011.


5:30 PM — Registration Begins
6:15 PM — Opening Remarks
6:30 PM — Round 1 Begins
7:15 PM — 1st Intermission
7:30 PM — Round 2 Begins
8:15 PM — 2nd Intermission
8:30 PM — Round 3 Begin
9:15 PM — Closing Remarks and Overtime

Don’t wait too long as tickets go fast.

See you at Club ADCN (Polonceaukade 17, Amsterdam)!