Amsterdam, 22 February 2018

ADCN is excited to invite our members to judge work for the ADCN Awards 2018 – the Lamps for creativity and craft in advertising and design.

ADCN members can judge work in all Advertising, Design and Craft* categories (*except Strategy). The scores of the Members Jury will be combined with the scores of the Professional Jury to select the nominations in each category.

Your vote will help decide which work is worthy of a place in the ADCN Awards Gallery & Archive, and which work will have the chance to win a Lamp.

The tradition of the Members Jury is unique across creative and art directors clubs around the world and contributes to the main goals of the awards – to celebrate the very best creativity and craft in advertising and design, to inspire and educate the creative community, and to stimulate creative excellence and co-creation in communications. We hope you will enjoy judging and that you will be fair in applying the judging criteria to the entries.


1. Download Members Jury – Briefing 

2. Activate your account and start judging at