ADCN Talent Award 2018 – Briefing

Club ADCN, 27 February 2018

At ADCN, we strongly believe the world needs more creative talent to grow society and solve complex challenges. Therefore we, together with our partners, would like to challenge Dutch creative talent to come up with fresh, original and impactful ideas and solutions for the ADCN Talent Award 2018 Challenge.

Why Enter
The best idea will be honored with the ADCN Talent Lamp. Besides the Award your work will be judged and reviewed by our Professional Jury (a mix of award-winning creative leaders and innovators across all disciplines), seen by the entire Dutch creative industry and you will be featured in national and international media, the ADCN Annual and Online Gallery.

How to enter
1. Download Talent Awards 2018 Briefing
2. Let your creative juices flow
3. Submit

Process milestones
1. Briefing Night – Monday 26th of February
2. Entry submissions – 26 February – March 12
3. Online & Live judging  – March 2018
4. Awards Show – 17 April 2018
5. Media announcements and PR & Follow-up sessions – scaling the winning ideas

We look forward to seeing your groundbreaking ideas for tackling the 2018 challenge.

Good luck and have fun!