ADCN presents new Board, Mervyn ten Dam becomes ADCN President

Amsterdam, 2 October 2018

ADCN, the Club for Creativity, is pleased to announce the new Board starting October 1st 2018. Mervyn ten Dam (ACHTUNG! mcgarrybowen) and Claire Parker (Design Bridge) will replace David Snellenberg (Dawn) and Richard van der Laken (What Design Can Do) as President and Co-President.

A diverse mix of disciplines has been appointed to work on ADCN’s new mission: unleash creativity. The club, with 750+ members and dozens of partners, organizes programs throughout the year for creative, media and brand professionals. The club’s goals are to accelerate creative talent, creative leadership, creative excellence and creative culture in the world of brands as well as to stimulate impact and innovation in communications. New activities include the ‘Circular Brands’ workshops, mobile creativity labs, the Dutch Creativity Festival and the ‘Next’ awards categories such as business and experimental creativity.

‘ADCN to become an open club and hub for creativity in the Netherlands’
Mervyn ten Dam, ADCN President: ‘I have seen ADCN transform into a club with lots of ambition and a passionate Board that does so much more than awarding Lamps. A club that truly stands for creativity in the broadest sense. I am excited to push ADCN to the next level and focus on a new generation of ‘creators and makers’, including creative entrepreneurs, startups, technologists and all kinds of ‘craftsmen’. I also want to show how important creativity is for brands and business and how creativity can make the difference in a digital and data-driven world. ADCN has to become an open club that curates and shows the creative Dutch ‘couture’.’

Eight new Board members
ADCN welcomes eight new members to the Board. Claire Parker (Design Bridge) will support Mervyn as Co-President and contribute to ADCN’s design programs and branding. Rik Ledder, the new CEO of TBWA\NEBOKO Group, is committed to the commercial and financial growth of the club. Felicitas Olschewski (72andSunny) will be involved in ADCN’s programs around innovation and Circular Brands. Emilio de Haan (HERC the agency) is committed to increase inclusion in the industry. Willem van Roosmalen from and Fontanel has the aim to create inspiring educational content. Thecla Schaeffer (Accell Group) will focus on representing the important role of creativity on the client side. Vincent Lammers (Ambassadors) has already been active for ADCN and will continue his work as the creative director of ADCN. The personal and professional development of creative talent is a priority for all Board members. ‘I would like to contribute to the development of talent and not only young talent as we all have to keep on developing ourselves’, says Cyril van Sterkenburg from Vandejong.

‘From a club of creatives to a club for creativity’
Departing President David Snellenberg: ‘Together with the ADCN team, we have transformed ADCN from a club of creatives to a Club for Creativity. Both the organization and the ADCN Awards are now prepared for the future. We have presented new (and fewer) Lamps and launched several new training programs. The club is more visible nationally and internationally, and the number of members has almost doubled. Creativity is no longer an isolated trick of a few people but an integrated part of the creative industry. ADCN should always be the most progressive and relevant club.’

With the arrival of the new Board members, ADCN says goodbye to Board members David Snellenberg, Richard van der Laken, Joris van Elk, Wesley ter Haar and Jochem Leegstra. Marjolijn Meynen, Robert Nakata, Eva Ruiz and Reinier Steures had stepped down earlier. ADCN thanks everyone for their time, energy and work for the club.

ADCN Presents: The New ADCN Board – 18 October 2018
The new Board members will be presented at Club ADCN on the 18th of October. Register now.

ADCN Board 2018-2019
Mervyn ten Dam (President) – Creative Director & Founder, ACHTUNG!
Claire Parker (Co-President) – Executive Creative Director, Design Bridge
Rik Ledder (Treasurer) – Managing Director, TBWA\NEBOKO Group
Vincent Lammers (Creative Director) – Creative Director & Partner, Ambassadors
Kim Dingler – Managing Director New Media, Talpa Global
Kerrie Finch – Founder & CEO, FinchFactor
Emilio de Haan – Founder & Creative Partner, HERC the agency
Sarah Hagens – Founder & Director, Hagens
Jelani Isaacs – Executive Producer, New AMS Film Company
Mark van Iterson – Global Design Director, Heineken
Felicitas Olschewski – Creative Director, 72andSunny
Willem van Roosmalen – Founder, & FONTANEL
Patrick Roubroeks – Founding Director, Xsaga
Thecla Schaeffer – Chief Marketing Officer, Accell Group
Alvaro Sotomayor – Creative Director, Wieden + Kennedy
Cyril van Sterkenburg – Director, Vandejong Creative Agency

Photography: Bas de Graaf