The value of a Lamp according to Jacques Koeweiden and Paul Postma

Amsterdam, 16 January 2018


In the 1980s, Jacques Koeweiden and Paul Postma were prominent figures in the fresh generation of graphic design outfits which gave color to the image of Netherlands. Unlike their modernist predecessors, who were often strongly geared towards the cultural sector, Koeweiden and Postma quickly chose a commercial focus for their work as graphic designers. Therefore they were among the first to expand the graphic design profession to cover the broader area of ‘visual communication’.

Dutch and international awards
For this reason, and many others, the duo received countless Dutch and international awards for their work, among which ADCN Lamps, D&AD Pencils, Dutch Design Awards, European Design Awards and awards from the Art Directors Clubs and Type Directors Clubs New York and Tokyo. In 2016 they were inducted into the ADCN Hall of Fame.

The value of a Lamp
When visiting Jacques and Paul at their office in Amsterdam, we noticed the huge collection of awards. One thing that we noticed is that the awards were lying in a cupboard in the back of their office. When we asked why these awards weren’t neatly organized near the entrance where customers could see them, they shyly said; ‘We don’t want to brag. We are proud of what we have achieved, but we don’t want to put our awards in people’s face’. This is where we came to the subject what the value is of a Lamp. What did winning a Lamp do with Jacques and Paul? Their answer was short and simple:

‘Winning a Lamp makes your work visible among (potential) clients. It puts you on on the map and therefore attracts new customers’

Most creatives are modest, they don’t brag about successful work, but winning a Lamp means recognition for your work. In short, it means you did well. And that is nice.

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