Quick questions for the Craft Jury

Amsterdam, 13 April 2018
From left to right: Joep Beving, Yvonne van Ulden, Jaap Biemans, Mea Dols de Jong. Pictures by Nina Albada Jelgersma


Craft judges on inspiration, the sound of creativity and signature dance moves

In the lead up to the ADCN Awards Show 2018 – where ADCN will present the Gold, Silver and Bronze Lamps in Advertising, Design, Craft and Next at the National Opera & Ballet in Amsterdam on the 17th of April – we spoke to the people who decide on the winners of the evening: the jury.

We asked the jury members of the Craft categories all about the fun and function of creativity. This interview sees Yvonne van Ulden from KLIK, Mea Dols de Jong from Halal, Jaap Biemans from Volkskrant Magazine and Coverjunkie, and Joep Beving from MassiveMusic talk inspiration, the sound of creativity and signature dance moves.


Yvonne van Ulden from KLIK, Animation / Visual Effects jury

Which trends do you observe in the field of animation?

Live action and animation get more and more mixed. Not only in technique but also in storytelling techniques. A new visual language has been developed. New platforms like Netflix have opened up the market to international players which will benefit the diversity and originality of productions and will grow an adult audience for serious animated drama.

What does creativity look like?

Creativity is finding original solutions to cases and questions. By thinking outside the box and connecting dots form different paradigms you can be inventive. You can let people think about things in a fresh way and you can touch them. A good balance between new and familiar elements will excite and stimulate the audience most.


Mea Dols de Jong from Halal, Cinematography / Editing / Film Direction jury

What did you learn from your fellow jury members?

I thought it was a very inspiring day with the fellow jury members. So nice to have discussions with a group of peers from the same field, but with different expertises and perspectives.

Do you have a signature dance move we can expect at the after party?

I do not have a signature dance move, but I have heard Annelien van Wijnbergen’s moonwalk is unparalleled.


Jaap Biemans of Volkskrant Magazine, Illustration / Typography jury

What’s your key source of inspiration when it comes to the crafts of illustration and typography?

I just watch everything out there on the streets and while slacking around I check my Instagram.

If you had to pick the soundtrack of the judging process, one song that sums up the experience, what tune would you choose?

Get it together van de Beastie Boys 😀
“Ma bell, got the ill communications, Ma bell, got the ill communications, Ma bell Keep it on and on”


Joep Beving from MassiveMusic, Music / Sound Design jury

Can you tell us about the key criteria you judged the entries on?

In judging music and sound design the first criteria is whether the interpretation enhances the (idea of the) film/project at hand and whether it manages to be original. Judging craft obviously also (and sometimes especially) directs the jury’s attention and focus towards how it is made, crafted, produced. Does it make you feel something? Bronze is the appreciation for excellent work, the best of the year so to say. Silver is the work that sets new standards, a work that we will remember over time. Gold is the rare award for a work that manages to lift you up and drop you in a pool of fluffy marshmallow fudge with a strawberry margarita in your hand. The type of work that will shine on the international award stages and that will be referenced in years to come.

What does creativity sound like?


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