Quick questions for the Advertising Jury

Amsterdam, 13 April 2018
From left to right: Liesbeth Maliepaard, Eric Quennoy, Laszlito Kovacs. Pictures by Nina Albada Jelgersma


Advertising judges on creativity, clients, and judging criteria

In the lead up to the ADCN Awards Show 2018 – where ADCN will present the Gold, Silver and Bronze Lamps in Advertising, Design, Craft and Next at the National Opera & Ballet in Amsterdam on the 17th of April – we spoke to the people who decide on the winners of the evening: the jury.

We asked the jury members of the Advertising categories all about the fun and function of creativity. This interview sees Laszlito Kovacs from WeTransfer, Eric Quennoy from Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam, and freelance creative Liesbeth Maliepaard talk creativity, clients, and judging criteria.


Laszlito Kovacs of WeTransfer, Digital & Social & Mobile jury

For you, what does the ADCN Lamp symbolise?

The ADCN Lamp on a personal level is meaningful because rewards you for the work you have done. On a collective level is also meaningful because it shows the way to other colleagues and specially young designers on how to find excellence in what you do.

What are you most looking forward to in terms of future tech?

I think that precisely now is a great moment for tech companies to step back, look into what has been accomplished and how and push for a more humanistic approach/model to digital services and tech innovation, one that hopefully moves away from trapping users into timelines designed to exploit the user’s attention and moves into redefining how tech could enhance human skills for the good of society.


Eric Quennoy from Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam, Film & Video jury

What is it about Amsterdam that makes it an exciting place for creatives?

Bicycles. Riding to and from work everyday is the quickest way to tap into the innocence and playfulness of childhood. And that sets you up for a day of creativity.

If you could decide the soundtrack of the judging process, what song would you choose?

Something by Miles Davis. Because judging takes you on a ride – it’s jazz, it’s freestyle, it’s smooth and chaotic, yet it comes together into some cohesive form at the end.


Liesbeth Maliepaard, Integrated / OOH / Print / Radio jury

Can you tell us about the key criteria you judged the entries on?

Does it wow me? Is it fresh and new? Does it stretch boundaries? Is it genuine? Is it authentic? Do I remember it? Is it contagious? Does it make me jealous?

What does creativity taste like?

It tastes like a juicy Sai Ua, the famous spicy Northern-Thai sausage with all the best herbs and spices in the world.


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