Club ADCN, 24 October 2017

Johan Kramer, a member of the ADCN Hall of Fame, an advertising icon and exquisite filmmaker, created a new series of ‘Het idee van’ (The idea of…) for ADCN. In these films he asks marketing and communication professionals how they come up with ideas.

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HET​ ​IDEE​ ​VAN​ ​…
Half a year ago he created five video’s to demonstrate ideas don’t come easy and everybody comes up with ideas in different ways.

In the new serie there are only woman talking about their creative process. This wasn’t on purpose, after interviewing three woman he realized that he only approached woman and decided to make a theme out of it. The five woman that talk about their ideas are Hannah Smit (WK), Sharon de Graaf (Dawn), Vanessa Burgmans (TBWA), Annemiek den Uil (Cheil) and Brooke Barker (W).

Kramer: “I hope to inspire young creatives and that it makes them realize they are not the only ones that have insecurities’

Hereby the first film, the other four will be published on ADCN’s website and social channels. Today there is also an interview with Johan Kramer on Adformatie.


Annemiek den Uil van Cheil on her creative proces from ADCN on Vimeo.