Amsterdam, 3 October 2018

Mervyn ten Dam is the Founder and Creative Director of ACHTUNG! mcgarrybowen and a member of the ADCN Hall of Fame. He is passionate about creative craft and digital innovation, a perfect match with ADCN’s goals to create inspiring and impactful programs, products and services that help empower ADCN members, the creative community and professionals in the world of media and brands.

Creative Director & Founder, ACHTUNG! mcgarrybowen


Why did you say ‘yes’ to the ADCN presidency?
I have seen ADCN transform, under Presidents Lode Schaeffer and then David Snellenberg and Richard van der Laken, from a somewhat dusty advertising club to a new and fresh creativity club with lots of ambition and a diverse and enthusiastic Board. A club that does so much more than awarding Lamps. A club that truly stands for creativity in the broadest sense and I am excited to push ADCN to the next level.

What is your strategic vision for the future of ADCN?
We have to be even more ‘inclusive’. The average age is not low enough and people below thirty are not necessarily lining up for ADCN. Also, we need more women. I have the idea that the perception about ADCN is that the club is still focused around advertising instead of creativity. Therefore the new generation of thinkers and especially makers may feel ADCN is not for them. I am especially talking about creative entrepreneurs and startups, technologists and all kinds of ‘craftsmen’.

Further on, we should be much more visible. Not only when we present the awards, but throughout the year. I would like to see a couple of strong initiatives instead of many smaller ones. Towards brand, marketing and media professionals, I would like to demonstrate how incredibly important creativity is for the value of a brand. That creativity can make a difference in a digital and data-driven world. ADCN is still seen by most of them as a club for creatives only. I would like to open the doors for them too.

Where do you want to take ADCN?
I think ADCN must behave like a creative and inclusive fashion label. An open and fresh club curating and sharing creative ‘couture’ from the Netherlands, but a club that does not necessarily feel ‘Dutch’. A label with a continuously changing collection of events, work and inspiration. A label that is ‘worn’ by everyone who loves creativity – the hub for creativity in the Netherlands.