5 Tips from the 2017 Jury on how to enter work to stand out

Club ADCN, 11 January 2018

Each year the Awards jury is selected with care as it is important to achieve a true diversity of voices in the room to identify the best creative work of the year. The members of the jury are world-class experts, with each and every one of them having distinguished themselves over an impressive career in the field of advertising, design and or craft. So whatever these experts have to say about creative work is valuable.

ADCN documents the Jury’s feedback thoroughly. Below five tips from the ADCN Jury 2017 on how to send in work to stand out. Let us drop some names to give these tips even more body. The 2017 jury included Oscar-winning screenwriter/director Armando Bó (Birdman), Bruce Duckworth (President of D&AD) and D&AD Black Pencil & Cannes Lions Grand Prix winning film director Dougal Wilson (Blink Productions). Now check em out asap!

5 Tips on how to enter work to stand out
Tip 1: Focus on one thing; one big idea, one message
Tip 2: Excite and entertain the jury with a beautiful story. Put time in the build-up. The idea has to be hidden as a little gold mine.
Tip 3: Show character
Tip 4: Make sure your work fits the category criteria
Tip 5: Demonstrate the relevance of your work

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