ADCN Awards 2018

On the 29th of October ADCN will announce the 2018 dates, categories, entry requirements and further info for the ADCN Awards 2018.


Entries for the ADCN Awards 2018 will open on the 4th of December 2017. The deadline for entries will be the 18th of January 2018 (1st deadline), with an extended deadline on the 25th of January 2018.


The dates for the judging festival (February 2018), expo and nominations announcement (March 2018) and awards show (April 2018) will be announced on the 29th of October 2017.


The 2018 categories will be in line with the 2017 categories, with some minor changes and 1-2 new categories. All categories will be announced on the 29th of October 2017.

Jury & Judging

The 2018 Jury Presidents will be announced on the 4th of December. ADCN will announce the full juries mid December. The judging criteria and process will be announced on the 29th of October 2017.

Celebrating creative excellence.


Winners 2017

Photo: Michael Graste


Curious to see all nominated work? Please go to our awards platform.

Jury 2017

The ADCN Jury 2017 reflects the diversity and excellence of the Dutch creative industry as it is today. This year’s line-up included countless winners of ADCN Lamps, Dutch Design Awards and international creativity awards (e.g. Cannes Lions, D&AD Pencils, Webby Awards, European Design Awards, ADC Awards), experienced jury members from international creativity festivals (D&AD, Cannes Lions, FWA), Dutch top talent working abroad, and several ADCN Hall of Fame members.


JURY 2017


Grand Prix: The Next Rembrandt

J. Walter Thompson Amsterdam and partners won the Grand Prix 2017 with “The Next Rembrandt” for ING Nederland.

“The Next Rembrandt” is a 3D-printed painting born through the collaboration between J. Walter Thompson, ING, Microsoft, advisors from TU Delft, The Mauritshuis, the Rembrandt House Museum and production partners. Made solely from data derived from 346 known paintings by Rembrandt, “The Next Rembrandt” was created from a deep, 18-month analysis of his work. A facial-recognition algorithm learned Rembrandt’s techniques; pixel data helped the computer mimic brushstrokes; and an advanced 3D printer brought the painting to life using 13 layers of ink. The portrait consists of 148 million pixels and is based on 168,263 fragments from Rembrandt’s portfolio.
The jury reports for the “The Next Rembrandt” read: ‘Ticks all boxes of a groundbreaking piece of communication. A big idea. Culturally relevant. Pioneering and challenging. Stretching the mind. Blurring the lines between data, technology and art. Pushing the boundaries of data visualization. Embracing the combination of all creative disciplines. Does not feel like advertising. Shows how innovation pushes the work in our industry forward. Triggering conversations about how data and tech can affect our world. Taking a classic art form and making it relevant to a younger generation. Rewarding the brand for doing something so experimental without a clear ROI. Simply never been done before.’


Lamps and certificates

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