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ADCN Awards FAQs 2016

Got a question? Here are some of the common questions people ask us, grouped by topics. Any questions you might have about the online system are answered in the first section. All other sections provide answers to questions specifically about the ADCN Awards 2016.


Online system

How can I register?

Visit www.adcn.nl and go to ‘LOGIN’, then click ‘Register’. Enter your details into the registration form. Your data will be stored in a secure environment. After you have provided your email address, you will receive an email with an activation link that must be clicked to complete registration. The activation page will appear, here you can enter a password of your choice. You are now registered!

I have not received an activation email.

This email might be in your spam box.

Do I always have to register for all ADCN’s online services?

Yes, for each online service you need to register.

The password I entered does not seem to work?

Your password should be at least 8 characters long, with a minimum of 13 characters.

I’ve forgotten my password.

Click ‘forgotten password’ at the login page and enter the email address you have registered. You will receive an email with a new password.

When I try to login, I receive an error notification that my email address or password is not correct.

Check if you have entered the correct email address and password.

Why does it look like some of the website components aren’t working?

Please check if there are any plug-ins missing.

How does the search field work in the Archive?

Enter at least three letters of a name or category in the search bar.


Key Dates

When do entries open?

Entries for the ADCN Awards 2016 open 16 November 2015.

When will entries close?

Enter your work before Monday 11 January 2016, 18h. Entries received after 11 January will incur a 25% surcharge. Final extended deadline will be Monday 18 January 2016, 18h. It is not possible to enter work after the final extended deadline. If you’ve got any physical entries, make sure they reach us by Monday 18 January 2016. Only entries that have been completed and paid for will be accepted.

When is the deadline to post my physical entry materials?

Physical entry materials have to reach ADCN by 18 January 2016.


Entry fees

How much does it cost to enter?

Fees for all categories – exclusive of 21% VAT:

  • • Single: €200,-
  • • Campaign/Series/Range: €350,-
  • • Young Talent: €25,-

* Entries received after 11 January will incur a 25% surcharge.

* ADCN offers a 25 % discount on entry fees to entrants who are either freelancers or beginning agencies (in their first year) with no more than 3 staff.

Can I get a discount on entries?

The ADCN offers a 25% discount on entry fees to entrants who are either freelancers or beginning agencies (in their first year) with no more than 3 staff. This discount applies to the total amount, provided that the entrant satisfies the applicable concession criteria. Proof may be submitted in the form of a Chamber of Commerce extract. If no proof can be submitted, the full amounts will apply and be charged.

Where does the money I spend on my entries go?

By entering the ADCN Awards, you’re helping ADCN to unleash creativity by maximizing creative talent and culture, and stimulating meaning and innovation in advertising and design in the Netherlands. ADCN organizes four types of activities: inspiration, education, inspiration and promotion.



Who can enter?

Companies and freelancers from the Netherlands. You don’t need to be a member of ADCN.

What work is eligible?

What can be entered? Make sure your work was:

  • • commercially released between 1 January 2015 and 31 December 2015.
  • • created or crafted in the Netherlands, which does not exclude the possibility of it having been published abroad.
  • • not an adaptation based on foreign work.
  • • not created for or with ADCN.

What does “created or crafted in the Netherlands” mean?

E.g. Work (ideas) in advertising and design originally created by agency X in the Netherlands for brand Y in France can be entered. Craft created/produced by company/creative X in the Netherlands for agency Y in Germany can be entered. Work created by agency X based in the UK for brand Y based in the Netherlands cannot be entered.

Can two companies enter the same work?

Two different entrants cannot enter the same work in the same category. If your work was created/produced in a collaboration between multiple agencies/companies, check and align with your partners who will enter the work. In case of duplicate entries, we will only accept the entry that was paid first or we will ask you to agree who will be the main entrant. If you wish multiple agencies to be credited for the work, you can enter their names in the ‘agency’ field in the credit form.

Can I enter work if I am the client?

Yes, clients can enter work produced for them either internally or by an external agency (as long as it has not been entered by the external agency in the same category – see previous question).

Can I enter self-promotional work?

Yes, you can enter self-promotional work (for example corporate identity for your own company), but only if it was released commercially and made available to potential customers. This excludes reels and portfolios.

Can I enter work done for free for a charity?

Work done by an agency pro-bono for a charity can be entered if the work has been approved to run by the charity.



What categories can I enter?

Check the categories and their definitions in the manual.

How many categories can I enter?

You can enter the same work into as many categories as you like, both as a single entry and as part of a campaign.


Supplying supporting information

Do I have to enter credits for the work e.g. Art Director, Designer, etc.?

Yes, you need to fill out the complete credits sections. Include as much information as possible about your work and the individual and company credits.

What supporting information is needed for my entries?

This is detailed in the manual under ‘Preparing your Entries’. There will be a field to enter your supporting information once you create your entries online.

Do I have to supply the supporting information requested?

What you say about your work will help judges understand its background and context, so we do recommend you supply supporting information.

How should I write my supporting information?

Make it as clear, concise and straight-to-the point as possible.

Do I need to provide translations?

Yes, if your work was not originally released in English. Work in any language created or crafted by a company based in the Netherlands is eligible for entry, but an English translation must be supplied in the form of subtitles, narration or translation of radio script depending on Category requirements. The translations field is only for literal translations of the copy used in the work. More in-depth information about the case should be entered at Brief, Idea and Impact. In Craft Copywriting only original Dutch and English work can be entered.


Preparing work

How do I prepare my work for entering?

Make sure the files you want to enter comply with the file specifications in the manual.

Do NOT use any names, logos or branding of people or agencies involved in the creation of the work anywhere in your entered work, or in file names. If these names appear in any deliverables, we will ask you to resubmit them. This is to ensure that work is judged anonymously and fairly.

How many copies of the work do I need to send?

For digital work, you only need to upload it once, even if you’re entering the work into more than one category, in that case you just need to link the already uploaded work to your other entries. For physical work, provide one copy for each category the work is entered into.


Uploading files

Uploading a file does not work.

Copy the file you want to upload to your desktop and try again.

How do I know the files for my entry were uploaded correctly?

Preview ALL entered files to make sure the upload was 100% successful. If a file is not displayed correctly in the preview, it will not be displayed correctly to the judges. This is the entrant’s responsibility.

Why can’t I see a preview?

The preview opens in a pop-up screen. When your browser has a pop-up blocker, you need to turn it off.

The image I have uploaded looks weird in the preview.

When an image has lots of little details or text, we recommend to upload a bigger format so you can zoom in on all the little details. The maximum image size is 2800 x 2800 pixels.

It is also possible the image file is in CMYK color mode. It needs to be made suitable for the web, and converted to RGB color mode.

Is the quality of the preview the same as what will be shown to the judges?

No, the preview is just to check if the file was uploaded successfully. At a later stage the file will be converted to a much better quality.

Can I upload my files using the browser or do I need to use the FTP server?

Files up to 75mb you can upload in your web browser, for bigger files use FTP.

I get time-out errors when uploading multiple files.

When uploading files via the browser, a maximum of 2 files can be uploaded at the same time. For more upload possibilities, upload files via the FTP server.

Can I come back to upload files later?

Yes, created credit forms and uploaded work are stored for later use. Just be sure to complete and pay the entries before the final extended deadline on 18 January 2016.

How can I change flies I have uploaded?

Go to the entries management page and click on the files icon next to the entry. On the entry files page you can delete, change and upload files.

What are the ‘already uploaded files’?

This is a list of files that you have already uploaded. When you want to use these files for another entry, you don’t have to upload them again, you can just link the files to the new entry by using this function.

I want to sort my files, but I don’t see any thumbnails?

This only happens the first time after uploading the files. It takes a minute to create the thumbnails.

My video file is not displayed in the right format.

The preview of the video has a standard ratio of 16:9. When your video doesn’t have this ratio you can change the ratio from 16:9 to 4:3 or vice versa in the preview mode.


Upload via FTP

ADCN provides an FTP server to make uploading files easier (especially larger ones). Each entrant automatically has an account for the ADCN FTP server.

In principle, any FTP program can be used to upload files. We recommend FileZilla, specific instructions can be seen below. FileZilla can be downloaded for free at http://filezilla-project.org/ (select ‘Download FileZilla Client’).

Your account and password for the FTP server are NOT the same as for your entrant account.

Only use the FTP server for files you want to enter for the ADCN awards!

Place the files in the correct folders. For example: Always place video files (mpeg2) into the ‘Videobestand.mpeg’ folder.

Instructions for FileZilla

  1. After opening the program: Under ‘Bestand’ (file) at the top, select ‘Sitebeheer’ (site options).
  2. A new screen will appear: click ‘Nieuwe Site’ (new site). Call it ‘adcn’.
  3. Under ‘Host’ enter: ftp.adcn.nl
  4. Under ‘Poort’ enter: 21
  5. Under ‘Protocol’ select: ‘FTP – File Transfer Protocol’
  6. Under ‘Encryptie’ select: ‘Gebruik gewone FTP (Use normal FTP)
  7. Under ‘Inlogtype’ select: ‘Normaal’ (Normal)
  8. Under ‘Gebruiker’ enter: the email address used to log into the Annual Awards site
  9. Under ‘Wachtwoord’ enter: the unique, not self-chosen password that you can find either on the page where you upload files or on the page ‘Beheer inzending’.
  10. Click ‘Verbinden’

I have uploaded my files using FileZilla, how can I now link them to my entries?

Go to the page where you can upload files. Under the field where you can select files for upload there’s a link ‘already uploaded files’. This is a list of files that you have already uploaded. Select the files to link them to the entry.


Making payment

What methods of payment are accepted?

Bank transfers only. Cheques are not accepted. For bank transfers, the total amount has to be transferred within fourteen days of completing your entry online.

Where can I find ADCN’s bank details?

These will be on your invoice, and will show in your online account once you specify you are paying by bank transfer.

I want to pay for an entry, but I don’t see it listed.

If an entry is not ready for payment, it must be incomplete. Go to the entry management screen and check if there’s an icon with an exclamation mark next to the entry. Click on this icon to go to the page where you can upload files. Complete the entry. Go back to the entry management screen, click on ‘Proceed to check-out’. Then click on ‘Create invoice’.

Can I create a new entry when I have already paid for other entries?

Yes, you can enter work until the final extended deadline (18 January 2016). Only entries that have been completed and paid for will be accepted.

I lost my invoice, how can I get a copy?

Login and go to your invoice summary, here you will find a list of all your invoices. Click on the print icon to print the invoice.

Note: Save and/or print your credit forms, invoice and invoice specification. After the call for entries is closed, you won’t have any access to these documents.


Sending physical entry materials by post

When is the deadline to post my physical entry materials?

Physical entry materials have to reach ADCN by 18 January 2016.

How do I label my entries for posting?

Always include the entry form.

What address do I send my entries to?

Physical entry material may be submitted on weekdays between 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. to the ADCN offices: Club ADCN, Polonceaukade 17, 1014 DA AMSTERDAM.

How will I know if my package has arrived?

We won’t notify you when we receive your package. We will only get in touch if your package doesn’t make it to our office.



Who will judge the ADCN Awards?

The professional jury appointed by ADCN’s board, together with the members jury, will decide which entries will be nominated and awarded.

What are the Judging Criteria?

In Advertising and Design, judges are asked to consider three things: In order of Importance:

•   Is the idea original and inspiring?

•   Is it exceptionally well executed?

•   Is it relevant to its context?

In Craft categories, like Photography, work is judged primarily on the strength of the specific craft. The Grand Prix is awarded to the most ‘game changing’ and groundbreaking work that opens new doors, changes the world of communications and sparks new ways of thinking.


Announcement of results

When will I know if my work is successful?

All nominated work will be announced on the Nomination Night on 14 March 2016. We recommend all nominees to buy tickets for the award ceremony on 12 April 2016, on which all winners will be announced and celebrated.

What happens if my work is successful?

Winning work is featured in the ADCN Annual and on the ADCN site. We showcase it at our awards ceremony, and at ADCN exhibitions and events. Winners can reference their ADCN Award status for promotional purposes.

If my entry wins, who will be credited as the winner?

ADCN will consider the agency mentioned on the credit form as the entrant. The agency name(s) will be credited in all reports, press lists and online if the entry is nominated or a winner.



I have other questions about entering work

ADCN organizes entry workshops throughout the entry season. If you have any unanswered questions please:

Email us: lampen@adcn.nl

Call us: +31 (0)20 685 08 61