ADCN AWARDS CREATIVITY TALK – Josefine Richards, Kath Tudball, Fredrik Bond & Irene Pereyra

Club ADCN, 9 March 2017


Josefine Richards (INGO), Kath Tudball (The Partners), Fredrik Bond (Sonny London) & Irene Pereyra (Anton & Irene)

Thursday 9 March


ADCN is excited to announce a surprise night with 4 international award-winning creative leaders at Club ADCN tomorrow night, Thursday the 9th of March.

Josefine Richards (INGO, Stockholm) – ADCN Jury President for Advertising – will share the very best creative work from Scandinavia and present the thinking behind her work that won the Cannes Lions Grand Prix in 2016: “Call a Swede”.

Fredrik Bond (Sonny, London) – member of the ADCN Advertising Film & Video Jury is an award-winning feature film maker and film director. He will be discussing the art of film craft. Fredrik has won, in addition to dozens of British Television and Advertising Awards, Clios, Cannes Lions, D&AD, One Show honors as well as an Emmy nomination. Bond is also a five-time nominee for the Director’s Guild of America’s Best Commercial Director of the Year Award for 2004, 2007, 2008, 2011 and 2012.

Kath Tudball (The Partners, London) – ADCN Jury President for Brand & Experience Design and D&AD Board member – will talk about a new campaign she’s been working on at the Partners called #rewritingthecode. It is on gender inequality through a children’s charity called theirworld and has a connection to Kath’s work at D&AD. Kath is Design Director of design and innovation agency The Partners. See:

Irene Pereyra from the Brooklyn based design studio “Anton & Irene,” will be talking about their latest interactive documentary: One Shared House, a self-initiated project that explores the experience of co-living; discovering what we are willing to share in our living environment on a day-to-day basis — beyond the safety of our screens. Irene is a member of the ADCN Digital Design & Digital Craft Jury.