About ADCN


ADCN is the club and platform for creativity in advertising and design in the Netherlands. ADCN’s mission is to unleash Dutch creativity by stimulating creative excellence, accelerating creative talent and leadership and kick-starting meaningful co-creation and innovation in communications in the Netherlands.


ADCN was founded as the Art Directors Club Netherlands in 1966 by Nico Hey, Pieter Brattinga and Bob McLaren, with the aim to stimulate creative excellence in communications. Over the years, ADCN has become a multidisciplinary collective of creative professionals across disciplines, including art directors, copywriters, graphic designers, digital designers, film directors, photographers as well as creative producers, planners and technologists. ADCN is a non-profit, member-run organization with over 500 members, from emerging young talent to world-class designers. The organization works together with various partners in the Dutch and global creative industry.


ADCN has the mission to develop the best creative collective in the world. The goal is to unleash creativity by maximizing creative talent and culture, and stimulating meaning and innovation in advertising and design. ADCN organizes four types of activities: education, inspiration, co-creation and promotion. Throughout the year, you can participate in various programs such as awards shows, workshops, short courses, portfolio nights, festivals, art exhibitions, challenges, and dinners.

The Board

ADCN’s multidisciplinary board represents all creative disciplines and is responsible for the overall direction of ADCN and its programs.


Meet the ADCN team that is working night and day to build a club that makes you proud to be a member. ADCN’s team is fueled by an immense passion for creativity and a desire to build a community across the creative industries. The team works from ADCN at the westergasfabriek. You are always welcome to drop by with ideas for the Dutch creative community.


Club ADCN is ADCN’s clubhouse: the living room and workspace for the Dutch creative community. It is equipped with (mobile) meeting and workshop facilities, has a small bar, lounge and library, and acts as a theatre and gallery for ADCN’s member events, festivals and art exhibitions. The space is for rent and can be used by ADCN members and partners throughout the year.

Club ADCN is based at the Westergasfabriek in Amterdam, a cultural park with historic factory buildings, and home to a TV studio, gallery space, design school, art house cinema, theatre, jazz club, social club, and multiple start-ups, creative agencies, restaurants and bars. It also serves as the playground for cutting-edge music, art, fashion, film and food festivals.